ISIL, declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph]

Trump President announced the death of Bagudadi suspect

ISIL, declare a state establish self-proclaimed [caliph] The reason for announcement - Turkish army has accepted the killing Trump President the death of Bagudadi suspect Day, the US White House Trump president to talk about leaders Bagudadi suspects of [Islamic State] (Reuters = co) = 0 years October Date Photo: Kyodo News Killing American troops, the Islamic State of supreme leader Bagudadi suspect Trump President of the United States, the US military is carrying out military operations that target the leader Abu Bakr bug Daddy suspects of extremist organization Islamic State in day and night in Syria, Bagudadi suspect has announced that it has died. Bagudadi suspect cornered in the tunnel, were killed along with the person of the child activates the suicide vest. Lacquer of the questioner) Islamic countries had been the capital of the north, which has been the fall before more than a year, this time is carried out combat operations in a place called Idlib Province, is that it was killed. The reason for tolerate the killing of Bagudadi suspect that the Turkish army had been harboring Respondents) this time, in the special forces of the Delta Force went to maneuver, even once Mr.